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2:03 a.m. // 2002-07-07

I know I know it's so passe to have a diaryland page, but I'm tech-inept, or maybe just lazy, and if frankohara gets one then so can I, right?

besides, I've let my pitas slide too long, and what am I supposed to do with rascality.com?

What's occupying our time these days:

  • trying to clean up the house, left in shambles even a month after our four-week bout with mono.
  • finding a three-canvas painting of Jesus, the apostles and a low-rider in our neighbor's garbage with our sister.
  • missing our friend and colleague Mark, who moved away last week and who gave away art and walked barefoot and wore mexican wedding shirts to work, with half the buttons unbuttoned.
  • making custard pies at 2 a.m. because we don't know what to do with ourselves now that it's a saturday night and our Dwayne has gone away to Oklahoma City to play the band's first out-of-state show.
  • ruling the world with our old-skool labelmaker, our buttonmaker, our iron-on letters from the downtown mini-mall and our own two goddamn feet.


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