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9:43 a.m. // 2002-07-19

Tuesday night = Erase Errata at Mable's, and that was a damn hot show. They were really kind people and they printed youth large shirts, which is all I'm askin' for, folks.

I have a low-end Super 8 camera now, $5 from this crazy store on Lowest Greenville. We walked by it and it looked like a garage sale store, just a couple of storefronts filled with boxes of unsorted junk items, most of them unpriced, with just a little sign saying "Sale inside today" or something. Yet they have a name when they answer the phone, so apparently they're there for the kind-of long-term. There are so many rooms inside that some of them are just trash rooms. Also, there are only like two air conditioners so we thought we were going to pass out.

Today Hunter and I are going to look at antiques and secondhand stores in Lewisville, and then with Dwayne we will go eat the best chicken fried steak in Denton County. We are supposed to find something for Peggy, because she's moving to Monterrey, and I really need to buy an 8mm film because I want something to run through my projector.

Hunter is supposed to teach me how to make fried okra. Mark is visiting for a couple days, which is all right, because I miss that punk kid.

I'm not feeling particularly wordy or artful right now so that's why I'm just giving it to you straight.


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