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3:36 a.m. // 16 February 2004

Somehow, tonight's show was packed, despite the fact that it was cobbled together at the last minute by JoshA. Sleezus F., rH, crazy improv thing and jazzy-rap thing. Where were all these people last night, when J8 played to a dozen people? It was a fun show, even though I felt like something of a sore thumb for some reason, for lack of practice or because it was too bright onstage or because I'd just gotten off work. I really love Blueprint Sea and all their new songs and the dancy way they've been going. Oh wait, Becca reads this but I think her computer is still broken. It was billed as the "Valentine's Day Makeout Party," so some dude felt like it would be okay to kiss all the girls in the room. Beardy snuck up and planted one on my cheek while I was distracted and messing with my camera. Gross. If I were in a worse mood I would've shoved him. Instead I just ignored him.

I saw The Show is the Rainbow on Wednesday for my first time, and he was awesome!!! Dwayne said he was crazy so I didn't know what to expect. That guy can shimmy and shake and tumble and run around the room while holding a mic and without missing a note. There were only like eight people there, but Darren still put his all into it and blew away even the employees, who were drawn out from behind the counters and offices to watch this one-man sensation.

Dwayne and I were really excited that we could put the TSITR record into our jukebox, but we found out today that it's 33 1/3, not 45. Played really fast it sounds like Gene Defcon.

I made a one-off poster for that show the day before. I found Fontographer installed on my computer at work, which is awesome because it allows you to make your own font. I wanted to make a font as fast as I could, so I made a lazy font based loosely on a bad version of my handwriting. It sucks and I made the flyer with it. For some reason I thought the band name was "The Show is A Rainbow," so that's what I put. Also there was a giant fuzzy head of Max Fischer. Rick said my flyer was shitty. This! This is the flak I get from the master of the five-minute flyer!!!


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