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8:09 a.m. // 19 July 2005

My sister is getting married first thing Saturday.

My family is all coming in from out of town but I have to work most of this week.

I got a promotion, at least kind of. It is mostly a change in title with a very slight raise yet with no more chance for overtime.

My boss is leaving, somewhat abruptly, for a job in Kansas where they will treat her better.

My friend and co-worker D. is leaving also. He is a more-than-reliable worker and always beats me at Scrabble.

I will have to be the boss in interim.

My boss' boss has cancer. I tied his shoe for him last week.

The ex-socket of one of my wisdom teeth still hurts, two months after the surgery. I am embarrassed to have waited all this time to see the dentist.

Dwayne told me about wheat allergies yesterday. What if I have one?

I have to take care of my family's dog. There are ants invading my house. They also destroyed almost all of my crop of tomatoes.

My band hasn't practiced in like a month, and I haven't installed the programs on my new computer that will let me finish the album art for the old band. My moped needs fixing; so does my Farfisa and my amp. And my car is making a little noise and the speedometer is way, way off.


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