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1:00 a.m. // 20 August 2008

DR: Book er dinner [7/11]
DR: Sewing machine has arrived [7/15]
DR: Wee! how bout a tell people date? [7/15]
DR: Good stuff! [7/23]
DR: Ima be in bed. [7/24, 12:15 a.m.]
DR: WoA major rain a hitting [7/30]
Oop the table by the pool is knocked over
Small peach tree is ka put. big limb off of tree at drive way
DR: Cant sleep, gonna try the bed [8/6]
DR: Ni zza rd be glowing and shiv [8/11]

LKM: Hey dude. I'm gathering the stuffs and will see you round 2.20.
Achtung fail! On university.
Yum. And its not even smelly!

DR: Internet not working, maybe i will nap now and go around 10:30 [8/17]
Best f not playing
DR: Eh. No internet. [8/19]


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