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3:09 a.m. // 02 February 2004


Tonight was a great show at Mable's. All of the bands were fairly different styles, and they were all awesome. I had to run the door or I would have been up at the very front for each group.

It was the first show for Phalanx, which is kind of what Mister Furious evolved into. Phalanx = Mister Furious - Jackson 8 + three new members + a lot of new songs. David noted that it looks like Chris and Steve got a new singer who looks like Christina. I think she reminds me of Christina plus Colleen. She has great stage presence for the debut show of someone who's never been in a band before.

I really dug Robo Sapien. I didn't know what to expect, but I figured it would be sub-par hip-hop. Not so! I heart rs. They were good musicians and their songs were eminently danceable. I hate to say that they looked cute because it seems like you shouldn't apply that word to a couple of grrrls who rap and spin records. So I guess I will just say they were hott. But cute... come on, they did a rap about two biscuits for breakfast!

The VaGiants were good and dirty rock 'n' roll. Did you expect the singer to go onstage wearing pasties and a dress that showed them off? No, I didn't expect that either. Antics aside, their music was raucous, and solid.

I'm in love with Bishop Allen. We'll leave it at that. Oh, and I also have a band-crush on the Tah-Dahs.

Besides throwing rock shows, Dwayne and I went to see Big Fish with Nazli today. Tears were running down my face at the end. I must be a big softie. Dwayne and I cleaned the house because I thought there was going to be at least one band that needed a place to stay, but they all found their own spots.


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