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1:32 p.m. // 19 August 2004

My old friend Avinash from D.C. came to visit Monday night. We had a late dinner at Brickhaus and ended up spending all evening there. In fact, Avinash liked it so much that he insisted on buying a piece of art from the wall behind him, even though the installation was supposed to last through the end of the month.

He said: "I know a good deal when I see one." It was a nude torso of a woman merged with an image of cracked dried mud from Yellowstone. The artist was roused from her house at 10 p.m. because she wanted to sign the work.

There was a fund-raising chili cookoff yesterday at work. At the last minute I decided to make a vegetarian chili because I wanted one for variety's sake. It had nutty bulgur wheat, three kinds of beans, onions, carrots, celery, yellow squash, red bell peppers, sweet sweet corn. The opinion editor said: "It bites. The full name of the dish is chili con carne, chili with meat." The arts editor said: "It rocks." So did a woman from advertising. It was reported back to me that the executive editor had two bowls of the stuff.

I wanted to show people at my work that vegetarian food can be good. So in another effort to introduce a person to new things, I took myself to the newsroom softball team's final game of the season. Which they lost 12 to 1.

Also, three accordion players showed up at my work to serenade the opinion editor, in protest of his anti-accordion editorial from a while back. The main guy was bald with a curly waxed mustache. They did "Lady of Spain," some polkas, "Yellow Rose of Texas" (which provoked a reporter to dance a jig), an admirable attempt at "Flight of the Bumblebee" and "It Had to Be You." It annoyed the reporters who were on the phone with interviews.

Dwayne and I went to see Skin Trade but Record Hop was going on too late. I was sleepy from having woken up at 8:30 to make chili, so we tried to hit the sack early.


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