[[groovy musics: wm. e. whitmore, LGRZ]]

2:22 a.m. // 20 February 2004

Hunter found the Grrrey Album online and he's going to burn me a copy. The concept is the most intriguing part.

I bought a $4 jar of pickles at the health food place. They turned out to be gross. The label said "no vinegar"; if I'd noticed that at the store, I wouldn't have bought them. Instead they were made with lemon juice and brine. The flavor was all right; the flavor wasn't the problem. They had mushy flesh but leathery skin. They weren't crisp at all. Nazli couldn't even finish hers, it was that unsettling.

By accident I dropped the jar when I was trying to put it into the fridge. Hunter says it's a Freudian drop.

Last night D. and I wound up at rgrs; tonight we went back again to see WJHATMMOG, and Friday night he'll go back again while I work, and Saturday we're going to Oklahoma to play. I am not writing anything entertaining now so I am just going to go to sleep.

to do:

  • buy groomsmaid dress
  • make rH buttons
  • make wakeup buttons
  • do dishes
  • make reservations for london hotel
  • make reservations for motel around SA/kerrville/fredericksburg/austin somewhere.


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