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1:51 a.m. // 24 October 2003

I am eating TWIX ice cream. I let Dwayne pick the flavour.

Nazli has gallstones that they are trying to break up, and she has to have her gallbladder out. She will be in the hospital for a couple of days. So you should e-mail her a "get well" message at www.dentonregional.com. Her room is 428, which is my old dorm room number.

(wait, I just checked and the e-mail message service is broke now.)

guess what? my bathtub finally drains. No more bailing out buckets of dirty bathwater! The plumber finally came yesterday after the landlord finally decided he would pay for the work. basterds all of them. The drain had been out for a month and a half or something.

I had to work tonight so I got to mable's late and caught the last song by Bronwyn, who are pretty neat. then there was this awe-ful pseudo-country band.

um, in news of my boss, he threw an exposive fit in the meeting today just because d.t. printed an addendum to the budget five times on one piece of paper, and then cut it into five slips -- instead of printing it out five times on five pieces of paper. "It's a fucking waste of time! This is a productivity issue!" He went on for a long time. Something really enrages him about trying to conserve resources. Is it because he considers himself a Republican? Did he have a traumatic recycling experience as a child? It's really fucked and makes me lose whatever respect I might have built up for him since the last time he exploded. It made me really angry all night. I pointed out that printing out a single piece of paper takes less time than printing out five pieces of paper, but otherwise we didn't really argue with him. It's usually futile. I mean, really, how do you have a reasonable argument with a baby?


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