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2:44 a.m. // 09 January 2004

Show last night went well. I ran the door (well, what there was of one, because a lot of people didn't notice me and just walked right in) and scraped up a decent amount of money for the touring band. I can't seem to enjoy the music as much when I have to work the door, but Blueprint Sea still managed to floor me. Man! I haven't gotten to see them for quite some time, and their new songs are catchy mofos.

I liked the Ergs pretty well; I would have enjoyed it more if I were up front instead of across the room with my back to them. Their roadie dude Lew told me where to buy ridiculously cheap Holgas (www.freestylephoto.biz). yeah! more cheap cameras!

I played kind of sloppy. I gave up midway through "Make It With You" but otherwise I had everything under control. It was dark and everything sounded funny. But it was a fun show.

This night d. and I saw the latest incarnation of Super Love Attack. I got there too late for Record Hop. Then I took d. to my work and we watched The Darkness video on mtv.com.

Now maybe I'll draw flyers. We play with Peelander-Z next Friday. Japanese guys who formed a rock 'n' roll/punk band in NYC! They come from the planet Peelander.

The only downside? Missing Forty Minutes of Hell at 1919.

I bought my sister a previously viewed copy of The Debut for Christmas/her birthday. We haven't actually watched it yet. Then my parents find out that my cousin is in the movie -- in the background of some scene playing guitar. Except my mom thought it was called "The Duet" or something.


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