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8:51 a.m. // 20 November 2002

Even though their MP3s take like FIVE YEARS to download I am currently obsessed with retro spectro. um while you're at it you should also see the video on the epoxies site because it is FUCKING INSANE. and um I saw friends forever outside may-bell's last week and it was also INSANE. there was a volkswagen van and there was a band inside and there was a man playing keyboard with fireworks shooting out of his helmet and then a bear playing guitar rocketed out of the passenger side door and a guy playing drums inside with lights flashing and bubbles spouting from the roof and also the bear-cheerleader man inflated a giant blue tarp bubble thing and ran around and ran people down with it and also the keyboard player put on a backpack with a fan on it and attached to the fan blades were FIREWORKS AND IT WAS the oddest thing I ever did see and it made me smile.


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