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2:00 p.m. // 08 May 2003

Last night I took my first spill off my bike. I was really tired after work and I was only two blocks away. I was riding on the sidewalk even though there was no one around for miles, and I had to go up and down ramp after ramp. It was kind of dark and I tried to go up a ramp where there wasn't one -- just slammed head-on into the curb and got thrown to the ground. I wounded the base of my palm, scraped my elbow and somehow toppled onto my cheekbone. Also, my handlebars are all cockamamie now.

extreme biking! radical!!!

There was a severe storm on Tuesday night. Two big limbs fell off the tree in my duplex-neighbor's backyard. I told the rental agency that they're branches, but really I should have said limbs, for they are really huge. Down the street there's a tree that just snapped in the middle. There's a dead bird at its base.

whenever bad weather hits while we're at work it's hard for us to tell, because there are no windows in my office. We have to go to the door to look outside. Tuesday night as the storm started, it was eerie outside. A train whistle started blowing as church bells were pealing nonstop, even though it was 9:30.


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