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10:21 a.m. // 20 June 2003

I am going to make everyone go Big Hair Bowling for my birthday. This is where you make your hair as big as possible and then go bowling. I invented it a while ago, but no one has tried such a thing before. However, we will have to make an exception for people who have shaved heads -- they will wear funny hats. I am afraid everyone will chicken out on the big hair part and just wear hats.

e-mail me if you want to come.

Tuesday: Went over to Big Ass Beer Night and saw Record Hop play their last two songs. I had already missed Blueprint Sea, but Record Hop sounded the best I've heard.

Wednesday: Went over to rubbergloves again to see John Wesley Coleman's free set. Dwayne was sleeping so I was alone. Hiro the photographer was there -- I've never seen him outside of work because he's very mysterious and fast-moving, but it turns out he knows the JWC folks. Also, this bald guy introduced himself to me because he used to be my neighbor on Locust. Neat. He lived in the crazy house next door where I never introduced myself to anybody, because there were like five different units with people moving in and out like crazy.

Last night I motored on over to the old Mable Peabody's after work. The band was meh; also they had some weird hair going on. It was good to be back at ol' Mable's, although I had to make sure I drove back to the right house afterwards, because I hadn't gone from Mable's to Panhandle before. I automatically wanted to go to Locust.


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