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9:19 a.m. // 25 June 2003

Hunter and I were going to fix our bikes today and go riding, but he checked the weather and it's going to be 103 today. bleh. Tomorrow it'll be in the 80s. He needs to degrease his chain and re-lube it, and I need to fix my brakes. I wish I had a toe-in tool, but I know that I would only use it once and then put it away in the back of my closet and then forget what it was for.

In the bathroom, I looked in the glasses of water that my bamboos are growing in, and I found mosquito larvae. They're very, very gross. They look like tiny worms that swim by bending themselves in half. I hate them. I tried to kill them by pouring in bleach, but they did not die! I poured them out onto the gravel driveway. They suck.


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