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12:00 p.m. // 30 March 2006

Dwayne grew himself a butt.

He had little to no body fat up until last fall. He had been the same weight since high school. Now the fat has accumulated where there were only bones before. It's AMAZING, I tell you. He's proud of it too.

I went to the doctor last week for what turned out to be an ingrown hair.

My big mole got swollen and irritated and painful, so of course I freaked out about it, a little. The doctor shrugged it off as an infected, and healing, hair follicle.

I knew hair follicles could get infected; I didn't know it could happen right underneath a mole.

From my work: A woman wrote that her business was located near "Albertson, Chili and Black Eyed Peas."

It amazed me how she managed to get the pluralization/de-pluralization wrong on all three counts.

Sometimes I like to say "the Krogers." My co-worker admits she used to write checks out to "the Wal-Marts."


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