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7:17 p.m. // 10 January 2003

Minor wreck this afternoon. I was driving back from Tom & Joe's with Hunter and D.R. in the left lane of a three-lane road. A car tried to turn right, apparently into my lane; I hit the brakes and we got sideswiped. We pulled over but couldn't find the other driver, but we got her license plate number.

My car has some scratches, but nothing major. It's nothing compared to the ENORMOUS GASH I made along most of the passenger's side when I backed up alongside a large ceramic pot right after the car got flooded.

D. Ray is gettin' better. I'm going to make a tofu-spinach quiche.

Hunter said something funny today at work (something like "It's no skin off my sac.") and I laughed and then I said, "I think some orange went down the wrong trachea." A little while later I snorted and then spat out a piece of citrus fruit that had dislodged itself from my nasal cavity.


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