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1:16 a.m. // 09 January 2006

Global warming be damned! I'll take all the 70 degree days I can get. It's been ridiculously warm for most of this winter.

We had many little Christmases, trekking from here to north of McKinney to the Palestine area to Plano to visit our various families. We managed to catch none of Dwayne's or my siblings (Karen in Colorado with Jon; Dwayne's siblings coming late to Christmas and us coming too early). On Christmas Day I came back and worked. We got a DVD player-recorder, clothes, and a pile of candy and sweets.

D. and I didn't get our Christmas gifts for each other until last week, when we braved the insane Ikea crowds for a new bed. Also, we painted the bedroom green; also, we got some cabinets for records.

I got a full-size organ off some kids in the street. They were trying to get rid of a slightly broken-down Yamaha organ at the guitar shop; David and Becca were there and called me to come over. The guy said he hadn't been able to sell it and was most likely going to just leave it by the dumpster. I took it off his hands for $25. It needs some fuses. Like I need more broken-down keyboards, but it looks really sweet.

Becca and David moved away this week. It's a little sad for us because we like them, but it's a hopeful start to new things. Becca said they're going to where she has family, where David has family and where they hope to start their own family.

I went over to help them (not really) during the last couple hours of frantic packing/trashing. I got all the ceramics that Becca was going to abandon. They were at that point in packing where they didn't want to have to pack another thing. Becca kept dismissing the items she was tossing aside -- it's got a crack, this was one of my pieces when I first started, I made lots of these -- but I kept gathering them up, because (a) I am impressed by ceramics work, because I can't do it myself, and (b) we need something to remember them by, even if it's an overlooked piece like the brown legume-shaped vessel that Becca was going to set out on the curb. (David: "She's giving away THE PEANUT? She can't give away THE PEANUT!!!")

My mom has been freaking out about the wedding -- last week, "IT'S MAY ALREADY!!"; last night, "HAVE YOU DONE ANYTHING YET?!?!" -- but she's calmed down today.


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