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2:39 p.m. // 15 September 2003

Doris Henson just left the house in a convoy of white vans. They are a rock band from Kansas City and/or Lawrence, Kansas, and they are driving five white vans to El Paso (via Denton and Austin) to deliver four of them, and then continuing on their tour in the fifth van, gratis. It's a sweet deal, and very surreal-looking, especially when they're all parked in your back yard and up and down your street, or trying to line up to take off down the road.

(Can you imagine me and Dwayne and Nazli and Josh and Rick and Dustin driving identical long white vans across the state? It's a very funny idea. Naz doesn't even have a license. And we had a hard enough time trying to organize to get ANYWHERE with six people, much less with multiple vans.)

Doris Henson the band played a good set last night and had fun, even though they played first and they'd been tacked on to a bill of metal-y bands, who made up a large part of the crowd. Dwayne and I took them to the new Thai place because it's like one of three restaurants open on Sunday, and the server made the ficus tree fall over. Mike (the horn section) let me read Shhhh! by jason and I showed him Snake Pit, which he thought was funny. Heather treated them to lunch at Courtyahd Cafe, although I warned them that it was a place for old people going antique shopping. (One of the guys remarked that it smelled like his grandma in the hallway.) Doris Henson also gave me a tall mug-stein hybrid with the band's logo. I've been looking for something of the sort so I can make a huge cup of tea at work in a mug that I will love for a couple months until I bust it by trying to do fancy spinning tricks with it.

I am sleepee now, but not as tired as DWAYNE who had to go to work on four or three hours of sleep because some of the band dudes were being rambunctious. I am supposed to practice with JACKSON 8 tonight even though I suck. I will maybe play a tambourine as well as keyboards.

we've been playing Johnny Cash records and I like the one where he covers Dylan. "It ain't me, beb. NO! NO! NO! It ain't me." The NO!'s in the chorus are so awesome because there's this girl singing backup who says NAO! NAO! NAO! all loud and careless like a whiny Meg White or something.


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