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10:00 a.m. // 03 October 2002

(Gradually adding to the list of people who don't wash their hands after using the toilet at work.)

Very likely no one has ever told you how stupidly easy it is to make a crepe. Well, it is. Good things to put inside a crepe:

  • chocolate chips, banana slices and almonds.
  • chocolate chips, strawberry slices and almonds.
  • Nutella.
  • blanched asparagus, cheese sauce, herbs and almonds.
  • chunks of chicken grilled and tossed in pesto sauce, topped with shredded Parmesan.
  • mango chunks, Brown Cow Maple Yogurt and almonds.

    rayspaceboy is 28, as of yesterday. Isn't that old? I haven't gotten him anything yet, because ... I want to get him a new transmission for the Maverick but I am scared of calling the mechanic. I didn't have time to shop for any conventional gifts because (1) whenever I shop it's with him, and (2) we were busy preparing for j. and n.'s wedding, and (3) I don't know what to get him but I have a short list, and (4) I am superlame.


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