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12:22 a.m. // 11 June 2003

why have I got a lot of pimples on my forehead? I shouldn't have to deal with this; I turn twentyfour within the fortnight!

Today I started to arrange my room, but mostly I just moved boxes around and read an entire book. I started Cruddy by Lynda Barry at like 1 a.m., and in between sleeping and eating and shuffling around, I finished it by 5 p.m. I couldn't put it down, because it's twice as suspenseful as your average book, because there are two stories running throughout the book. (I told this to Dwayne and he said, yeah, like Hiroshima, where there are seven stories going on at the same time.) Cruddy: definitely NOT a summer beach read.

today Mister Furious played at Big Ass Beer Night. Waiting a long time for bands to start is a surefire way to bring me down. usually I have to draw or read because it's hard to keep me entertained. That is why there is a picture of an urban cowboy stuck on the window at rubbergloves; also another guy and a cat on the corkboard. In case you were wondering.


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