[[groovy musics: steak & shake-rock, trash rock, trashy rock; the Mummies]]

2:30 a.m. // 27 May 2004

I cut my hair. I was going to cut only my bangs but looking at Japanese girl magazines made me think, "Hey, I can cut this haircut." Every haircut on every girl makes it look like she cut her own hair and then let it grow out for six months and just woke up.

Going on tour -- getting in a hot van with the windows rolled down hitting strange towns each night -- makes me feel reckless with regard to my personal appearance. I think I actually brought a pair of scissors along last summer (though I didn't do anything with them) in case the urge to chop struck me in a dingy motel room.

I will let you know what my hair looks like when it's dry. With my glasses on now I look kind of butch.

I drove to my parents' house to see my grandma before they all leave for California. On the way Dwayne and I drove by the alleged location of the Steak & Shake in Lewisville on 121 but there is definitely not a Steak & Shake at that location. Yet.


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