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2:30 a.m. // 14 January 2004

BISHOP ALLEN is gonna play at Mable's! I think!!!!!!! Actually I don't know them that well but I like it when bands that Ryan likes come down here to play.

Mark is coming to visit tomorrow!!

Dwayne made tasty lasagna tonight. Well, I made the sauce and gave vague directions. It's got mountains of cottage cheese, a little Parmesan, a little Emmentaler because that's all I got, oodles of spinach, a little bit of sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, and tomato sauce with carrots and onions.

NTX left a holey white blanket and Nazli P. left her keys here the other day. I found the couch packed full of these foreign objects.

Tonight was a show at Mable's. DIE CHEERLEADER DIE was great. Co-ed rock 'n' roll squad from Baltimore. This dude tipped them $50 in the middle of their set. Then he kept talking and talking to them the rest of the night. Maybe the girls were afraid that he was trying to get a lil' something out of the tip. But Dwayne and I don't think so, considering he's one of the regulars at a gay bar.

I had to run door or else I would have been right up front. Two awesome frontwomen trading off guitar and vocal duties.

Also ran: the Kickz, whose various family members showed up, and a last-minute show for $1 Bob who claim to be the only non-metal band out of Corpus and did a pop-punk cover of "Under the Sea," and the W. Beasties whose R. Haskins said to me: "Ever since I was ten years old, I've wanted to make love to an Asian woman."


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