[[groovy musics: the real losers, francois hardy]]

1:44 a.m. // 16 July 2004

I dented my head. I don't remember how or when. but I found a big scab on the top of my head yesterday, while absent-mindedly feeling my hair. I pulled it out for I thought it would be the grodiest lump of dandruff ever, but it was a dried blood, and there was more where that came from. then I found that it was sitting in a definite indentation.

I walked home very fast and made dwayne examine my head. he deemed it non-life-threatening, and says the dent is not a dent, and if it is a dent, it was already there to begin with. I swabbed my head with alcohol. It might be from when I smacked by head into the freezer door while we were moving a couple weeks ago. Or it might have been something else I don't remember. Such is the nature of severe head injuries.

and speaking of getting smacked from above, van morrissey got smacked by the arm yesterday. we were on our way to practice and j. prisk braked just before we got to the railroad tracks because he heard the train a-comin'. then, as we (mostly me) panicked, the railroad crossing arm lowered itself until it smacked our roof. josh threw the van into reverse and the arm slid down the van's windshield, played havoc with the wipers, then callously nipped our radio antenna in the bud.

joshaa's vegetarian/vegan potluck was today. I made a shit-ton of tofu-veggie balls with tamarind-ginger sauce. after work I met d. at the gloves and saw like three minutes of shiny round the edges, then danced like a head injury patient to lisa's frenchie pop. the mics weren't working for the singer of the last band and it was very distressing. note: when you're onstage and you say to the crowd that you hope they're having fun because you're having fun, it works against you when it's visibly obvious that you're NOT having fun.


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