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11:59 p.m. // 02 July 2003

today Hunter came over and played my Atari for like ten minutes until he got frustrated, and then we walked in the hot hot heat (air pollution watch at a terrifying LEVEL RED) to the only vegetarian eatery in godforsaken Denton. We ordered the same things, yum-yum, soup with tofu and greens and tofu and vegetables wrapped in nori and white rice so fluffy and honest that Hunter wants to lie in a bed of it.

Then we looked at everything in the Dutch design exhibit in the UNT gallery. Hunter feels a curious affinity for Dutch design, perhaps, he thinks, because he is of German-Dutch ancestry. I think it's just because it's good design. Of the posters and annual reports and magazines and fliers they had on display there, I would deem about 85 percent of it worthy of hanging on my walls. (The rest of it involves crudely naked people and/or is downright creepy.)


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