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4:36 p.m. // 13 October 2006

I got three cavities filled today. (I got two done last week, and next week they'll do the last three.) Half of my mouth and most of my tongue are still numb, and I think the Novocaine went to my brain or I'm picking up bad habits from the kitty or something because I just spilled a glass of water onto my printer. I somehow sprayed water ALL over the bathroom today during my shower, too.

Dwayne and I got interviewed for a Dutch documentary last night. These kids from the Netherlands and Belgium played some shows and were at Dan's last night doing a documentary on the side, about why Denton music is so popular in Europe. Supposedly it's for Dutch public television. Dan steered them in our direction, and Dwayne and I yapped and yawped.

I got interviewed for Dutch radio five years ago. These guys asked me what I thought about Bauer after their show at SXSW.

We did not see the filmmakers' band actually because we were at the Thermals show. The new Thermals album is just about the best thing around. The live sound was too trebly. And I was totally dumbfounded by the non-ironic backwards ballcap next to me. It's OK for you to wear a backwards hat next to me if you're one of the Joshes, but other than that, I dunno. But, y'know, I danced anyway.

The new Wayne Hancock album is also stupendous. It really swings, and the horns help. I wrote a little blurb for his show this weekend -- I was a little proud of it, even -- and then I completely forgot to put it in the paper. Thing is, he comes through town like every two or three months, 'cause he's as dependable as a rail schedule.

I'm going to try to make some monster fingers for Goth Valentine's Day.


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