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9:33 a.m. // 02 October 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DWAYNE! He is twenty-nine today. Send your greetings to my ol' man.

Tuesday night there was a Mable's show with a lot of pop-punk and a little bit of metal. The Broke from Sacramento stayed at our house after and made us laugh. They were the kind of guys who made a concerted effort not to infringe upon the lives of the people in the house they're staying in. Like they were basically carrying their own kitchen, including a hot plate, with them. We told them about the last band that pissed the bed and they were shocked.

Dwayne went to sleep and I followed soon thereafter, so the band took themselves to the back room and watched Simpsons and (apparently) Strange Brew.

Oh yeah, and I was really intrigued with their van, which had like a three-level loft system in the back. There was a storage area on the bottom and a tiny storage area on top, and a middle level divided by a wall into storage and sleeping shelf. The sleeping shelf was right up against the back seat, so if you were sleeping there and there was a sudden stop, you'd hit part of the back seat instead of flying out. And they had a tiny TV and DVD player and video games hooked up! Yo!

Yesterday all I did was work, and then I came home and took Dwayne out to Bari's and we ate TOO MUCH and then we got lazy and sleepy. We got RICK OF AGES in the mail. We have too many so maybe I'll go distro a single copy to recycled or some-fing.

Also, why is it so FREAKING COLD now? Anything lower than like 65 is cold for me and I don't like it.


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