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2:12 a.m. // 01 March 2003

Mad today, because I discovered weevils and mealworms in the pantry and I HATE THEM. Karen had an old box of shitty-ass banana nut muffin mix and they like ate their way out of thee bag and cardboard and spread their nastiness around into the red beans and the half-bag of chocolate chips. oh they suck.

Also, there is a dog turd on my front steps AND IT HAS BEEN SOAKED BY THE MELTING SNOWS and it is nast. On her way to class everyday Karen says she passes by two run-over squirrels, one in the yard of the next house over and one in the yard of the business a couple doors down. Now she calls them "the soggy squirrels."

ALSO, one of my tires is really effin' flat. I have no idea how it got that way.

ALSO, hunter and I made a mistake and were duly reprimanded.

But on the up side of things, I bought a box of Tagalongs today and definitely, I have decided, these are my favorites. They taste like P.B. Maxx candy bars from the early '90s, the exact candy bar I would invent in my dreams.

We went to see the Deathray Davies tonight. I don't know what it is, but I want my music FASTER LOUDER SHORTER and more rockin' these days.


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