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2:08 a.m. // 05 January 2004

I guess I haven't updated for a while. Tonight was a show at M.P.'s but there were only a few people there. yest of zore played sans drummer, and it turned out rather nicely. the facade was Mac-alicious electronicky dancy stuff but there was no one to dance. lifeline was a one-man operation with impressive keyboard playing skill.

This is the Sneeze putting the squeeze on at 1919.

Mikey the dog has been staying with me for a week and a half. He is a brat.

Dwayne is taking care of his boss' miniature horses for two weeks, and they're less interesting than you think they are. Also, they produce more horseshit than you think they do.

I made vegetarian dumplings for bstoler and bisesi. They were among my best potstickers of all time. Experimenting with different types of tofus (didn't know there was more than one, did you?).

We didn't do too much for New Year's Eve, just sat at home until 11 when graveskull & friend came by, then went to a party two blocks away. BOOKS!!! played a show to like three people in the BOOKS!!! recording studio (a.k.a. secret hideout in Aubrey).

These two guys bolted town last month. Seth is a traveler and JoshA is on the move. One of them likes Portland, Oregon, and one of them likes Portland, Maine.


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