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10:59 a.m. // 01 October 2002

Dalton says my squirrel cover is famous.

Last night I dreamed I ate a piece of blackened rat. It was greasy and gamy and I had to wash it down with a plateful of baba ghanouj.

It's odd how we slowly uncover the facts about a new friend. Here's what Dwayne and I have learned about Jeff over the past few months:

(1.) He is a bartender and his name is Jeff.

(2.) He is in the Baptist Generals. We secretly call him Jeff Baptist General, or Jeff the Bartender.

(3.) He has a last name and he works in a fish market.

(4.) He is no longer in the Baptist Generals.

(5.) He has some kind of electronic project in the works.

(6.) He does not have some kind of electronic project in the works, it is some kind of rock thing.

(7.) It turns out to be Tank Tank. So we start calling him Jeff Jeff.

(8.) He has a brother who does not look like him.

(9.) He likes to watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and can quote entire scenes from memory.

(10.) He no longer works at the fish market.

(11.) He used to live in Colorado, or something.

(12.) He has a new job and it involves key fobs.

(13.) He has an English degree.

(14.) He likes to keep fish tanks. He says: "It's a little hobby of mine."


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