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12:32 p.m. // 16 October 2002

Signs we should have paid heed to that would have dissuaded us from trying to eat five pounds of fish for dinner that had gone off:

  • Numerous uses of phrases like "This smells kind of funny," and "It's really fishy," and "Does this smell okay to you?"
  • The ridiculous quantity of fish, and how long it took to defrost that large mass of fish.
  • The dubious origin of the fish (Jeff's deep-freeze).
  • The absence of the fish expert, who was off trying to learn who "LOVE RYAN" is.
  • Dwayne's absolute refusal to have anything whatsoever to do with the fishy-smelling fish.
  • The fish's reluctance to cook under the broiler.
  • The green that the garlic mysteriously became.
  • Nazli's (accurate) prediction that three hours from now we would be sitting at a fast-food joint with hamburgers and fries before us.
  • The pervading funny smells.
  • Multiple, multiple uses of the word "gamy" with respect to the taste of the fishy-smelling fish.
  • Upon his arrival, the fish expert's rock-solid assertion: "Nazli. That's gamy."


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