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2:57 a.m. // 05 November 2003

made this:

it's kind of amateurish but I made it all in illustrator without any help!!! (I'm going to make a button with the duckhead.)

did a lot of flyering. plastered this town, with dwayne's help.

really want to get one of these. I will, when something that suits me pops up.

I like to practise with jackson8 even though I'm not that good because I need more practice.

People who have been searching for these phrases have stumbled across this site:

  • "my friend foot foot" (I had it wrong and I corrected it)
  • rascality diaryland
  • orange motorcycle helmet
  • Israel Melon
  • dinosaur eggs pluots
  • chop saki's
  • cappucinocafe
  • "so tired and hungry"
  • "organic unpasteurized milk"
  • jetscreamer
  • alpha gamma delta initiation dress
  • the meat puveyors
  • "mexican blackbirds"
  • women in rubbergloves
  • dwayne ray
  • "banana nicole smith"
  • rascality diaryland
  • clementines
  • the tah dahs
  • mikkala
  • tah dahs
  • shambly
  • fishy phrases
  • "fish smell "out of" "deep freeze"


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