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2:59 a.m. // 10 October 2003

Ah... it's 3 a.m. and my apple tarts are finished. They are made with organic apples from Tioga, Texas. They are filled with BUTTER. (what do you think a visiting band thinks when they see a vegan banana pancake recipe sitting on my counter, and then open up the fridge and see that it is filled with butter and cheese??)

I ended up walking the whole way home after work tonight... Dwayne and I came to a misunderstanding over how I was to get home. He thought I was going to get a ride later with Hunter, I thought he was coming to pick me up because he insisted on picking me up even though I really wanted to walk home. So I started walking and kept watching for his car, tried to call him at Midway Mart but my phone card was expired and I had zero change, and listened to the hoot owls in the moonlight. I was relieved when I got back and he hadn't left the house yet, because I was afraid he'd tried to come get me and missed me. But he was sound asleep.

I did a lot of walking today. I went down to the Fry area and flyered like a mofo for the Carla Bozulich show. She and Nels Cline and this violinist also named Carla are gonna do Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger at Mable's on Tuesday. I demand of you: HOW can you NOT come?

Last night we drove down to Dallas to see Holly Golightly. I thought she was great. Dwayne thought she was good but her slow music was making him sleepy. Nazli didn't like how pushy she seemed, because she said to the people on the balcony, "Are you coming down from there? I don't want to feel like I'm in a jail," and later, "I can see that your hands work but not your feet," to try to get people to dance. Josh thought it was typical dry British humor, and I agree.

The Upside-Downers opened and they did the '60s to a T, which is both their strong point and their weakness. But they were fun. KO and the Knockouts were on tour with Holly Golightly, and they were pretty all right. Their frontgirl has a great, unique voice, but she does this freaky thing playing her bass, where she repeatedly pulls back her strumming hand in a motion that would be elegant if it weren't so sudden and fast and didn't happen so repeatedly. It was freakin' us out. I thought maybe she learned some classical instrument before learning how to play electric guitar. But I think it's just a weird tic.

I came up with a new concept today: FOODITURE. Furniture made out of food. Like a butterfly chair made out of baloney, or a pretzel table. Think about it. It's a good idea. Don't copy it, it's my idea. Maybe I'll buy the URL.


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