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5:02 p.m. // 23 June 2006

My friends Mark and Jennifer had their baby at their home in the thicket this morning! A boy! No name yet! Five hours labor and two pushes for Jennifer! (Mark claims: "You couldn't even tell she was in labor!") The baby was due today (my birthday!) and he came when they said he was going to.

I crocheted an orange sack for them and mailed it with a note saying that every baby needs a good satchel. Mark says he and his wife are fighting over who gets it, but I say it's up to the baby.

Dwayne and I got married last month! We had a grand ceremony and a fun reception. The honeymoon, during which we stayed in a shack, a boutique hotel and a Victorian home, was relaxing. Then we got back and I had to work nonstop for three weeks. Everything is finally settling back down again. Therefore, a little blogging is in action.

I went to DPS to change my name on my license, but when the clerk told me I couldn't have two middle names I got flustered and ditched my Chinese middle name. After a day of fretting and second guessing, I went back today and stood in line for an hour to change it again, so that my last name is hyphenated and I get to keep my middle name ... even though I still don't know how to pronounce it correctly or exactly what it means.


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