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10:05 a.m. // 02 August 2002

Somehow, every night, work can manage to be worse than it was the night before. I am sorry for this.

But the worries slowly dissipate. What gets me through all this? My friends, and fruits:

  • Rainier cherries
  • red strawberries
  • a Pecos canteloupe
  • dinosaur eggs (pluots)
  • a Granny Smith apple
  • a Valencia orange
    All from Ken's. The girl there assumed I was a student today, because everyone in a college town assumes that everyone else is a student.

    I am sorry this entry sucks. I have to go make potstickers now. My sister wrote this note in Sharpie and stuck it to her computer monitor:
    Dearest Karen,
    Please stop eating so much all of the time.
    Thank you,


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