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5:49 p.m. // 27 November 2002

I got a free turkey. How did I get a free turkey? My purchase rang up to $55 and the cashier said: "You get a free turkey." The procession of thoughts through my head:
(1) I get a free turkey! I should get it because I am thrifty.
(2) No, wait, I should get it because I could donate it to a shelter.
(3) No, wait, Thanksgiving is in three days and they should already have all the turkeys they need.
(4) Wait, I bet it's not an organic turkey. It's definitely not a Tofurky. What are my conscientious vegetarian friends going to think of me?
(5) I'm going to have a dead bird around. A whole 13-pound carcass.
(6) Wait, do I even have room in my freezer?

I invented Stir-fry Soup, which is where you boil water and dump in last night's stir-fry leftovers -- in this case, eggplant, tofu, mushrooms, carrots and kale in a tahini-soy-peanut sauce. Then add lots of miso paste. Ta-dah!

Brak got his balls cut off. Also, if we swing it right, Dwayne and I can get THREE Thanksgiving dinners over the next couple days. Excessive.


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