[[groovy musics: practicing a lot]]

11:09 a.m. // 14 November 2003

Impromptu trip to Seattle/Vancouver next week. Tickets puchased a mere 5 days in advance. We are living life by the seat of the pants here at rascality enterprises.

My parents aren't too hip to the idea of taking Dwayne to Vancouver. But I figure, my grandma's got a big house and once even invited my first boyfriend to come visit. Will it be okay? I hope so. I don't know I don't know I don't know. but I just bought the tickets.

I am obsessed with collecting pecans in my back yard. The other day I went to the hoity-toity kitchenware shop on the square to try to find a good nutcracker. I told the clerk what I was looking for, but she was this sweet Czech girl whose English wasn't too solid, so she tried to show me their boxes of crackers in the back. So I said, "Oh, no, for cracking nuts. Like this," and I pulled one of my native pecans out of my pocket. And then she tried to show me the nutmeg graters.

rvrbt gmblrs & mrkd mn & tyrades last night. the sound was really crappy! everything especially the guitars was too trebly and grating. I don't know what was the problem but when your place usually has great sound, it makes it all the more disappointing when there are problems. Whereas no one ever expects too much at m.p.'s, which is why the sound can blow people away.


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