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2:14 a.m. // 15 October 2003

swell show tonight. lots of folks came to see Nels Cline's avant-guitarde (I googled it to see if I invented that phrase but it turns up 18 times on the Web, mostly in reference to a band named the Frames that I'm not familiar with) and Carla Bozulich's lovely reworked/deconstructed Willie Nelson songs. If you weren't there, I don't know why you weren't there, because it was a night proving the amazingness that a show can create at modest little Mable's.

There was something almost magic in the way the musicians came together onstage (I mean what merest hint of a stage there is). Something about the original backing band dropping out two days before the show due to a death in the family, and the fill-in members being invited to go on a five-week tour just an hour before the start of said tour. So the drummer and the violinist were last-minute replacements, and they JUST picked the bassist up from the airport, but you wouldn't know it from the way they all played.

Carla B. was singing with a sore throat and a low sick voice, but she sounded great. At one point she had to ask Nels Cline the next verse to a song, and it was very sweet. She asked him if it was right, she sang it to herself, trying it out, and then gave it her all.

N.C. played guitarness before the set, and it was crazy and great. Pressing buttons and flicking switches, bang-banging on the guitar body, playing with a comb, playing with a wire whisk, fiddling with knobs and pedals.

Also, somebody puked purple outside the bar.


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