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5:40 a.m. // 15 May 2003

ummm... in my oven I am roasting an ear of corn, seven baby onions from my garden, a salvaged peach and a sweet potato. That is all for lunch. Except I forgot that sweet potatoes take like an hour to bake. me hungry.

yesterday Ajeet came up to town and I was going to take him out to lunch because he's leaving Dallas in a couple days, but actually he took me to lunch because he owes me (for buttonmaking and McSweeney's CD burning). I took him to the Korean place because it's the place I take people to stun them. You get all the little kim chee salads beforehand, and then comes the bi bim bap in a hot stone bowl. It is a multisensory experience -- you are impressed by how colorful it looks, you feel the heat, you hear the sizzling, you smell the white rice and the vegetables and the meat (or fried tofu for me) and the fried egg on top, and you can't wait to eat it BUT you might burn your tongue. Wow, I worked all the senses into that shitty description. Um, order it, it's really good. And the sauce is spicy and sweet.

In case he needs a backup, Ajeet asked me if I knew anyone who wants a practically free 1987 Dodge Caravan which has a broken air conditioner and windows that don't roll down. I said I didn't think so. At least the windows on Van Morissey can open.

Afterwards I dropped off a free turkey at Ethan's house. Then I bought the best peaches in the world at Ken's. They're from Mexia, Texas (muh-HEE-uh). I took my boy to International because I felt sorry for him since he hadn't had any real food in a day and a half. (On Sunday we ate banana-cornmeal-pecan pancakes for brunch with eggs, and he forgot to eat dinner but he ate little cakes from the gas station. On Monday for breakfast he ate the leftover pancakes and for lunch all he had was a little bit of hummus and chips.)

Then we all did the lawn because it was really bad. Dwayne and Josh and I watched Half-Cocked while Nazli played on the computer and then passed out from tiredness. I bought Half-Cocked from Recycled a ways back, because I had read about it when I was like 16 and wanted to see it, but I wasn't cool enough too. I thought it might suck due to mid-'90s indie pretentiousness, but it's actually OK in a Slacker-esque kind of way, a lazy, low-key moving picture that documents a scene.


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