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12:22 a.m. // 29 March 2003

tonight Dwayne and Nazli and I went to RYAN HIGH SCHOOL to watch THE RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, the very special guests at the battle of the bands. I had a sense of both amusement and awkwardness, with regard to a 23-year-old, a 28-year-old and a 20-year-old watching a bunch of high school bands play. Feelings of deep doom magnified by my inability to unlock my car door (my key is fucked up) and Dwayne and Nazli getting lost on the way.

Becca and David blue print were there, so that made us feel better. The setting felt funny but the show was funny to behold, a bunch of high school kids swarming the auditorium, and the riverboat gamblers on stage too big with amps too low and vocals all mmmrrraarrrggled up. after the first song they got reprimanded for swinging the mics around and slamming mic stands to the ground, and the head teachers tried to make everyone sit down (I wanted the band to play sit the fuck down), but in the end those skinny fists were pumping and yelling the chorus back.


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