[[groovy musics: a little little grizzly]]

12:38 p.m. // 10 September 2004

I have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that I just stopped taking. I felt tired and vaguely ill all day yesterday, but I had no other complaints, no fever even. Then a little after 11, almost quittin' time, I glanced in the mirror and found myself covered in red spots. I said to my co-workers: "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT I'M COVERED IN SPOTS!!!"

The dr. gave me Zyrtecs and told me to take Benadryl, or steroids if it gets worse, plus a note to stay home from work. I feel lousy and tired but not terrible -- I look worse than I feel. I look like hell. I'm hive-y and my ears are bigger than usual.


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