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1:50 a.m. // 09 September 2003

proof that me and Dwayne are a couple of lame homebodies:

1! Saturday night, instead of going to the L. Grizzly show, we fell asleep.

2! Sunday night, we stayed home and watched the end of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon dubbed into English on Fox, followed by Comedy Central shows we'd already seen a couple days before.

3! Tonight, we went to the mall in Frisco.

[N.B.: Saturday night we was just dog-tired. The day we watched TV for hours was when Nazli and Christina and Chris Jones were visiting, and so we stagnated. Tonight Dwayne had to go out to suburbia for a notary signing, and I bought nothing at the mall except for a hot green tea.]

Sunday was the record show and I bought a Bratmobile record (which I will probably sell like post haste) and a The Billy Childish 10-inch. radical.


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