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2:38 a.m. // 22 June 2004

The Syndicate stayed with us this weekend, Saturday night through this afternoon. They were the most fun houseguests ever. I didn't catch their Saturday show at J&J's but they turned in a good set Sunday at Mable's, playing to what crowd was left after the first band slinked off with their friends. There were PA problems but they didn't get bad till our turn.

We haven't practiced since before Chicago but Mable's makes us feel at ease. The (small) crowd demanded an encore and j8 obliged with an especially bastardized version of "Kick Out the Jams." Josh jumped out front with the mic and lassoed in the Syndicate's Jenny on drums, but she remained confused about the entire affair, in particular the song we were covering and her having to drum for it. I couldn't remember how the song went until midway through.

Although apparently that didn't matter anyway, because L.R.'s history teacher said he could hear the organ but once. He told me to turn up more and then unleashed a barrage of questions, none of which I answered adequately. What do you listen to? [I said "indie rock."] Who's your favorite keyboardist? You don't have just one, can you narrow it down to your top five? [I didn't have any to name. I've never thought about this kind of thing and I don't really try to emulate anybody. I'm not that good.] What do you play when you're not playing in a band? [um, nothing?]

It made me feel put on the spot and inadequate. It made more sense when I found out he used to play keyboards in bands and was something of a studio musician.


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