[[groovy musics: this bike is a pipe bomb, numbers/erase errata split]]

7:34 a.m. // 03 October 2003

I woke up at six a.m. with my great IDEA that, after two years of cooking, finally seems to make complete sense now that it's got a catalyst or two. So I've been up since then thinking about how to pitch it once I get to work today. Now I probably can't fall back asleep even though waking up this early makes my eyes feel like bleeding, because the sun's peeking out and the high school band is practicing in the field in my back yard.

Dwayne went to see Dixie Witch on the roof of Cool Beans last night, his birthday, and I went there after work. The Jackson 8 and Record Hop couples were there and left a little while later, but dtomlin and hhauk obligingly showed up and downed some cold ones. I had some fabulous coffee at the ol' Kharma, and we walked home.


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