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2:11 p.m. // 17 November 2003

I had some crazy Jolt coffee/cola drink last night before the show. Is there such a thing as a caffeine hangover?

Last night was the return of Jackson 8! with me playing keyboards. I tried to be stoic all evening so I wouldn't get too excited so that I would get too nervous. I kept my nervous-ness in check but I think I was blushing a lot. I screwed up many a time even though I had a cheat sheet written in Sharpie, but my amp is too small so most people couldn't hear me anyway. I wasn't smilin' and dancin' because I was concentrating on playing, but we'll work our way up there.

It looked like everyone had fun. I think Nazli sold a single CD.

Dirt Bike Annie rocked and rolled with their dance moves and a synchronized light show (controlled by dude in the corner wearing a Viking helmet, sitting in a beauty parlor chair!). I didn't talk to any of them because I am shy. Also I was running around stopping and starting music and turning on and turning off lights and such. Also because they didn't have any new zines. Also because I didn't have thirty bucks cash on me to buy a painting (yes! they are selling paintings on tour by their album cover artist!).

Oh yeah, I didn't talk to anyone at all last night. Except the 18-year-old guy with a "makes me look older" moustache who came up to tell me that he could tell I was nervous and that it would get better. Also, Rick breathed deadly garlic breath on me.

The Flipsides were all right. They had me dancing. Groovie Ghoulies had me dancing even more. All the bands seemed to be having fun. DBA was parting ways on the tour with the GG/FS camp, so there were many hugs and mutual compliments throughout the night among all concerned.

I went to IHOP after the show with J. & N., but Dwayne had to go to sleep. I was so tired I wasn't entirely sane. I had crappy pancakes and expensive juice and good company. I think that's usually how these late-night diner trips work.

In other news, my grandma and my cousins are very happy that me and Dwayne are going to visit. She told me that my 10- and 11-year-old cousins have a piano, drums and guitars. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so envious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Dwayne took the van in to Goodyear and they said basically the brake system is fucked and it will cost $1,000 to fix. I am supposed to be looking up my dad's mechanic's number for Dwayne but I forgot because I have a caffeine hangover. (I feel foggy.) ... I saw Numbers on Friday and the end of the Die Monitr Batss (sp) set, and it was neat spastic fun. ... On Saturday I kind of saw Mates of State, but there were 5,000 other people there and I didn't want to fight them, so I kneeled on barstool in the doorway to watch them, while eating pecans. One of their last songs was a cover of that Nico song that's very key in The Royal Tenenbaums. Of course, if you are an indie band, the way to close out a show and leave everyone feeling like you're a hero is to cover a song from a Wes Anderson movie soundtrack. Yes, I'm kind of making fun of you, but I've been fan since Bottle Rocket. ... The only band I really wanted to see that night was Palomar, and of course I missed them because I had to work till midnight (Dalton being on vacation). Ry-ry-ryan arranged for them to stay at our house if they wanted to, but they ended up crashing with someone they knew. The very nice bassist got me and Dwayne on the list anyway. I was disappointed after I bought their CD and saw that she isn't even on it! But their next album will be on Kindercore! That's the bigtime, kids!


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