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1:27 a.m. // 17 December 2003

ahh. I went to work today and then gave up and then went to work again and then went to fort worth (1919 and ol' souf for very late dinner) and then I went to work again and gave up. I only racked up like 6.25 hours today at work because at first there was NOTHING to do because people like to file their stories late. now I have a bunch of stuff to do but it's too late and I'm taking comp time.

d. and I went to ft. worff to see some bands at 1919. JAPANTHER = cool!! for some reason I thought they were going to be really hardcore, but it's just their hard rockin' logo. they are fun and sing into microphones. they were not as loud as they should have been, though, with amps that reached all the way to the ceiling. thee SNEEZE = I thought they were going to do some serious damage this time! I thought dustin would bash somebody in the hed with a cymbal or something. they did not. they played in their skivvies again. they had a big crowd enthralled too. 9-VOLT something something = all right, kinda shaky. everyone poops. CATTLE ASSASSINS = me and d. are liking them more, I think they are getting better. they should come to little d sometime.

the JAPANTHER show that was supposed to be at j&j's tomorrow is cancelled. I guess it was never really confirmed anyway. on Monday I xeroxed more flyers and walked around town for two hours. then I got home and Dwayne told me the SHOW WAS CANCELLED. Japanther wants to use Wednesday for a driving day! gaaah! well, I was flyering for Sunday's Jackson 8 show too.

we have to practise tomorrow for on thursday night we are going to Norman, Okalahoma, to play with Forty Minutes of Hell. Their name might give you pause but they really are good.

also on Monday, Dwayne and I picked up our jukebox with Josh's help. The seller was this 60s-ish guy on a farm in Burley-son who had a bunch of other nice antiques and collectibles; also, a jackass and a couple of horses. He talked like John Wayne. The jukebox is awesome. Come visit us and we will play you some hep tunes. The guy also gave us more than a hundred 7-inches, some of which suck ("Shiny Happy People") and some of which rule (some Willies, some Patsys and some Louis Armstrongs, etc.).

good ol' bobby reichle came over with mister dalton. just think, they have been in plano since, like, 11 a.m. when they started waiting in line to get into the LOTR marathon. And now the third film probably has like a half-hour to go. That's a long time, dude. I keep calling it a nerdfest but man, you have to be hardcore to sit through all three movies (including the first two extended versions). my eyes would burn out halfway through the second one.


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