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12:48 p.m. // 22 October 2002

There was a kitty underneath the house. He was crying for his mom on Sunday night, and then we went out and couldn't find him. He started crying again on Monday so I took the flashlight back out and poked it in the hole -- and there was a kitten staring me down. All it could do was mew-scream constantly and stumble around. No other little kitty voices or momma cat around.

From head to butt he's a little longer than my hand; I guess he's five weeks old. He had lots of fleas but Alexa said the vet said they should be dead by today. He's gray and white with downy fur and blue eyes. He makes black poop but the vet said not to worry.

My sister-roommate and I are both allergic to cats. I hope Dwayne will take him, or my friend Dalton who can't afford a pet deposit. I also have to take care of Coal (Cole) the cat because Hunter is on vacation in Galveston.

Plus, our toilet backed up this morning.


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