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12:24 p.m. // 27 April 2003

I dropped my LOMO at the Arts & Jazz Fest yesterday and parts of it, which I had superglued on, flew off. Hunter and Dalton and I searched the grass for the little black plastic part and the little steel handle from the film rewinder, and no luck. People thought we were looking for a contact lens.

Also, I realized today that I lost my Keeper. I put it in my pocket the other day and don't remember what happened to it; it must have worked itself out while I was on my bike or something. This is pretty funny if you know what this is.

I may have to put up signs all over town that say "LOST: ONE MENSTRUAL CUP."

For some reason I'm wheezing and my chest feels really tight and I couldn't breathe right last night at all.



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