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1:29 a.m. // 30 April 2004

Today I am obsessed with the Napoleon Dynamite Fan Club. It is like the new Friendster! For the new Rushmore! Reichle is #1 because he is a cheater mccheattington-pants! Somehow dustin is ahead of me in points even though he joined after me. he has twice as many points as me. I was #10 for a short while but now I'm getting pushed back.

it is a weird and ingenious (and insidious) marketing ploy.

Dwayne and I went to sirwallace's house for his awesome discount vinyl sale (everything for 10 cents each!) and we got eight records. But then Dwayne put them on top of his car and we drove off because we were late to get t Mable's at 9. Then what happened to them? There were no records in the car and no vinyl shards in the street when we checked at 2 a.m. It is a mystery. I will make fliers (because that is my catch-all solution).

I had three records, Dwayne had five of them. I had a George Carlin best-of, some punk-looking record that was bright pink and blue, and some mid-'80s garage-looking teenager-rock'n'roll record. Dwayne had some punk comps and Kiss Alive II.

dwayne is asleep because he is very sleep deprived. He is running sound for Hedwig at Mable's, plus we've been having show after show after show, whether it's putting them on or playing at them or just attending. That is why he left records in the street!

I have a kind-of cold. It's gross. I need to be better by Saturday night.

a sad thing: my family dog is doing bad. Karen IM'd to say "we think mikey has rabies." probably he doesn't have rabies but he is acting weird and mean. I guess the vet will say tomorrow. I am very sad.


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