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3:19 a.m. // 18 January 2004

I was going to write a real entry about the show last night with Peelander-Z and the Chop-Sakis, and the show we just saw with the Marked Men, but it's a lot more fun to do this...

Dwayne is watching lucha libre. He's doing commentary because I'm at the computer:

"This is so gay. [Not in the derogatory sense, of course -- really, there are luchadores dancing like Chippendales, or rather like Chris Farley pretending to be a Chippendale.] There are a lot of women in the audience. Man! Wrestling's for women in this... this society. Oh no, he's taking his underwear off! She's really freaking out now though! He must be somebody famous, the girl is going crazy!

"Oh they kicked the girls off and started beating them with the chairs. No, not the girls... these other guys knocked them of, these guys, and they started beating the other guys with the chairs.

"What's he got! Beating people with a rope! Are they going to strangle somebody?"

[Laughing.] "This is just so over the top!

"Ohh! Did you hear all those girls scream? You want to know why? The big guy, the one that everyone's hot about? They pulled his drawers down and his butt was hanging out! All the girls went waaaah! They all have their hands on their chest. they must realy love this guy. Everyone's trembling in the whole stadium! He's got on big boxers with a white heart on the crotch.

"They tied this guy's feet up and he's hanging upside down. What's this guy? They're beating up a referee or something.

"What are they doing? ... They rubbed some fake blood on this guy's head. They gathered around this guy so you couldn't see what they were doing, and they rubbed some fake blood on his head. Now they're hitting him on the head with a chair. ...

"What's the referee for! They've got one guy with a rope around his neck and another guy they're beating with a chair! And the referee is just waling around! Why are you playing on the computer? I love you!!!

"Are you doing your journal?"



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