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1:06 a.m. // 09 August 2004

The touring band at Mable's tonight was insane! Specifically, the guitarist, who lends her name to the band, LKN. Basically each song was an extended guitar solo, with her head banging and spastic dancing and everything from solos behind the head to one-handed playing to overly dramatic strumming. It was awesome.

Tuesday night we played before Japanthre at 1919. It was the sweatiest show ever. Last Sunday was Psychotic Reaction Sunday at Mable's -- great. Dwayne and I hastily made KOBRA III buttons like twenty minutes before the show. I like those guys. I finally got to see the Good Looks and they were dancy rock-n-roll fun. Breitarsch did the Count Five cover with us; I was shaking my head most of our set so it must've been a good time.

also I went shopping for clothes the other day but none of the 10 pairs of pants I tried on fit me. It was bizarro pants day. Apparently I was so floored by this that I left my messenger bag at the store and didn't realize it was missing for like 45 minutes, after I had gone to Office Depot because I had a coupon for Office Max.

Our landlord told us that according to a state historian, the wood on our floor is from the 1800s. Also, when he bought the place he found casket carts on this story. The building Dwayne and I live in used to be a furniture store; the family sold caskets, because that's what furniture stores did at the turn of the century. They later branched out into the funeral home business, and then that became their main business. Luckily none of that business happened in this building.

anyway, all that caused Dwayne to have weird nightmares that night, about an old lady squatting on top of a stove, and then a girl staring at a TV image of herself and each of them screaming at each other, and a fake lifesize basketball player lunging out at him. I woke him up because he was muttering in his sleep.

Dalton gave his cat away to a local SPCA. I feel bad because Dwayne really likes that cat -- actually he likes all cats, but that one's nice. But I don't like the idea of having to take pills daily, even if it's allergy medication that would let me have a cat. I had free samples of Zyrtec when I was tending to Hunter's cats, and even then my sinuses weren't operating at normal levels. Plus, then I would have to stop putting off seeing a doctor.

Yeah, I like that cat, and I hope he finds a good home.

... oh, and I almost forgot to mention the part about how I managed to flip a row of theater chairs on top of me at Mable's. If I bruise anywhere it'll be my right knee. A half-dozen people rushed up and said, "Are you okay?" and JR said: "It looked like it was trying to eat you!"


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